Client Manager (1)

Client Manager, Billing, Account Details, Ordering

Control Panel (4)

Control Panel

E-mail (6)

Setting up E-mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Firefox / Thunderbird

My Web Server (1)

Questions about your webserver and performance


 How do I decrease my bandwidth usage?

Some customers have asked, "Why is my bandwidth so high?" there are several reasons...

 Getting To The Control Panel (2 ways)

Getting to your Control Panel From your Client Manager can be done either of 2 ways: Getting to...

 Creating Password Protected Directories

1. Log Into The Control Panel See 'Getting to the Control Panel Panel'2. Scroll Down To the...

 How Do I Log into My Account Manager?

 Account Manager Log In URL: http://www.lynxxdirect.com/clients/clientarea.phpUser Name:...

 Control Panel User Manual

There are many new features included in the New Control Panel Version. The user Manual can be...

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