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Creating Password Protected Directories

1. Log Into The Control Panel See 'Getting to the Control Panel Panel'
2. Scroll Down To the 'Security' Box
3. Click on the 'Password Protect Directories Icon'
4. When the Pop Up Window Appears Click The Go Button. (The default settings are fine)
5. Scroll down to the directory you want to password protect and click on the '[folder_name]' text link. (**NOTE: If you click on the folder icon instead of the '[folder_name]' text link it will take you to the folders within '[folder_name]' directory in case you want to pass protect those. )
6. Scroll down to 'Create User' Add new user and pass then click on 'Add Modify Authorized user'
Note: you can ask the program to generate the password for you by clicking on the 'Generate Password' button, or you can make your own password by inputting it directly into the password box. Just remember to keep a master copy somewhere of the users and passwords.

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